Real Beetle Wing Fan Earrings - 3"

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These Elytra Sternocera beetle wings from Thailand are turned into wearable art. The insects are farmed in accordance with the regulations of CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and were not harmed in any way.

This listing is for the small "fan" pair which is about 3" long.  Each earring features eight wings attached to a jump ring on a fan chandelier jewelry finding which beautifully spreads the wings. These earrings have hypoallergenic french hooks and come with earring backs.

Each wing has it's own unique color tone, but all have a brilliant natural metallic shine which reflects colors ranging from bright green to goldenrod yellow, deep cobalt blue, and purple. When viewed in mass the wings take on a mesmerizing life of their own, yet the hues and colors delicately shift depending on the light.