Newlywed Kit

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This kit was created with love for those important people in our life that are getting married! We've compiled some of our best products and included instructions.

Here are some favorite products to get you started.

Kama Sutra Massage Oil is a high quality blend of oils for soothing massage. Not intended to be used internally.

Sliquid Sassy, Satin, Silk and Pink Water are all water and plant-based lubricant. They don’t get sticky like cheap grocery store brand options (avoid KY and Astroglide, they can cause UTI’s).

Pink Silicone and Pjur are silicone lubricants. Silicone is perfect for a slippery good time but you don’t want to use too much as you loose friction. A pea size amount usually does the trick. I tell people to use half as much silicone as they would water based.

Sliquid O Gel is a high end clitoral stimulating gel. A little goes a long way.

-All of these sample sizes should last for more than 1 use, store them in a Tupperware and they will last-

Afterglow Tissues are amazing for after sexy time clean up. They are cooling and soothing.