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Magnetic Poetry Kits

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"LOVE" can take on so many shapes and shades, and can be felt toward so many different people and things that it seems impossible that we give it all just one word.

Some people consider the word BITCH offensive and some people wear it as a badge of pride. However you feel, this kit knows what it wants and how to get it.

This damn little box of magnetic OBSCENITIES has more m*&%#@er f*#@ing obscenities in it than a f*&%ed-up sailing falling through a s@!* house floor.

Because it's too dark to write poetry in the closet. This QUEER one is hot, hot, hot sister!

Revitalize your downtown area (if you know what I mean...) with this insouciant little number! Over 440 words and fragments for literally millions of poetic SEXUAL INNUENDO possibilities.

THE "F" WORD is powerful and versatile.If you want to write some powerful friggin' poetry or maybe just vent some steam, you'll find the words you need in this kit. It's f*cking amazing!