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JimmyJane Massage Candles - Assorted Scents

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Afterglow Candles engage all the senses. The warm oil candle can be used as a perfect start to an unforgettable massage or a after bath hydrating treat.

Light floral top notes float over a welcome sweetness. Cucumber Water is cool and rejuvenating – a slice of summer in the shade. Press pause and enjoy.

Smoky & oaken, with a caramel finish – Bourbon evokes the seductive South. An air of decorum spiked with an undercurrent of scandal. Mind your manners.

Here you have the exotic Dark Vanilla as it was meant to be—rich and musky, with an intoxicating liquor finish. There’s nothing plain about it. Distinguish yourself.

Pink Lotus’ aqueous heart brings a liquid depth to its floral notes. Rippling and intricate, it seduces with each new impression. Reach beneath the surface.