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Ami by Je Joue

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Achieve stronger orgasms and wonderful G-spot stimulation with the help of Ami. Je Joue, one of the most innovative sex toy designers on the market, brings us a set of three progressive PC (pubococcygeous) muscle exercise toys: Ami 1 (47g), with its light weight and round shape; Ami 2 (78g), with its double-ball shape and medium weight; and Ami 3 (106g), with its small double-ball shape and heavy (yet perfectly balanced) weight.

Exercise your way through the set of three to build up kegel muscle strength, tighter vagina walls, increase orgasmic sensation & natural lubrication, decrease incontinence, and stimulate the G-spot. Tug lightly on the string while the Ami is inserted for resistance, or wear it around the house to multi-task your kegel exercises!

Especially useful for pregnant or post-birth women. Suitable for women of all ages and fitness levels.