What's up with Silicone Lube?



Nearly everyday I have someone ask me if silicone is bad for them to use internally.

My answer is - not at all! Especially if you happen to have sensitive skin. It's an all-in-one product and can be used as a silky massage oil in addition to lubricant.


Quality matters!

Look for a high quality product with 2-5 ingredients and look forward to heightened sensations and extended sessions. If you've had a bad experience trying to plan some action into your shower routine with water or plant based lubricants (like too many of my clients have) you'll find success with silicone! When purchasing lube never go cheap. Lubricant has the potential to make or break a good time, so this isn't a product to scrimp on. If you're on a tight budget try some samples.


A little goes a long way!

Because silicone is inert, it doesn't absorb or digest into the body and leaves a velvety feel on skin. I always tell my clients to try half as much or less than what they've typically used with other products. If you use too much you will lose friction, so it's best to start with a small amount and add more if needed; however, once you find out the proper amount for you, you'll learn you don't need to reapply mid-session, which is AWESOME! Some folks are worried that silicone will stain your sheets, it does have the potential to - another reason to take it easy on the amount - I say, if you are still concerned throw a soft towel on the bed or get creative with your positioning!


Do NOT use with most silicone toys!

High end products tend to be somewhat compatible, but you are better off protecting your investment with a hybrid product like Sliquid Naturals Silk or Pink Indulgence Creme.


So, you're thinking silicone might be something fun to try, but how to pick one?
The Red Fox only carries products that are body safe so you can't go wrong with what we stock, but here are some key factors to help you decide. Quality silicone lubes are made up of three main ingredients that create thickness, smoothness and a wet effect.
Sliquid Silver is the thickest silicone lubricant we carry and feels like a gel.
Pjur Original is our lightest and second wettest silicone lubricant and has a nice light oil feel.
Swiss Navy is wet and has an oily feel with added vitamin E for moisture.
Pink Silicone and Gun Oil are the wettest and second lightest silicone lubricants and they also boast vitamin E and aloe vera for added moisture. (Girl Boss's Pick).



Still not sure where to start? Try our silicone starter pack!



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