Product Highlight - Sliquid Swirl Flavored Lubricants

I recall meeting the Sliquid Team at an Expo in Las Vegas nearly 10 years ago. They were so excited to have concocted lubricants that were not going to harm women both long term and short term. They gave me a cropped shirt to wear to work (which admittedly I should have kept) and a bunch of samples to try. I remember trying some of the flavored lubricants and thinking - WOW! How does this actually taste so good? At the time I believe they only had Cherry Vanilla & Green Apple Tart. Now Sliquid offers 6 delicious flavors (my fave? Strawberry Pomegranate...Yum). 

Sliquid Swirl Lubricants are safe to use both internally & externally. I recommend simply using them for oral, but I have handfuls of customers that like them for all of their activities. 

Cherry Vanilla | Green Apple Tart | Blue Raspberry | Pina Colada | Pink Lemonade | Strawberry Pomegranate

Which flavor sounds best to you?


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