Dry Skin? Try a Massage Candle!

One of my favorite things about running Red Fox Romance is getting to try products and finding things that I love. It's intoxicating. My very favorite thing is talking to customers about Red Fox products and hearing why they love them and how they've made an impact on how they feel about themselves. 

I recently went to lunch with one of my Mom's Best Friends who is an absolute hoot. She bought a massage candle from me awhile ago and decided that she'd rather use it for herself than share. She told me she lit it before she got in the tub after a long work week and let the candle turn into oil. It was calming and tranquil. Upon exit she blew out the candle and used it as an all over moisturizer. Talk about a lady who knows how to pamper herself!

I've used massage oils as after shower moisturizers for years (just allow a few minutes for it to absorb before getting dressed) and I've used Massage Candles to rub into my feet after a long day, but I've never thought to put the two together. Pure Genius. 

Oh, and of course they are lovely and intimate for Couples Massage! Cheers!

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