Boutique In Logan Caters to Your Unique Style

A boutique that is right for you.

The Red Fox—boutique, clothing, jewelry, intimates.

Although we have been at our location for only a year, we have deep family roots in logan. And we have a great regard for the past and all things vintage.

With so many great vintage styles coming back, our goal is to remain on the cusp. By doing so, we can create an elegant blend of both the old and the new. This creates a unique brand for us and a unique look for you.

And if you are looking for a classic look, that is where we excel. They comprise the film noir of fashion: that timeless, trendy look. And though they never go out of style, they somehow keep coming back year after year.

We don't stop there. At our boutique, we sell a variety of intimate products, jewelry, clothing, and more to cater to your romantic side. We are proud to have an excellent collection of tops, shawls, skirts, and pants. We also have some great, vintage dresses for your unique taste.

The Red Fox has an amazing collection of vintage dresses.

Now that we have expanded from an online boutique to our own location, you can come in and check out our clothing for yourself. At our physical Red Fox location, we offer a great collection of amazing cocktail dresses. These are straightforward but stunning dresses you can wear on a date night or night out. And you can wear them again and again.

Here is an exclusive look at some of the beautiful vintage cocktail dresses we have on sale.

These are beautiful dresses that are exclusively on sale at our location in Logan. We love to have awesome, vintage dresses like these whenever we can get them. If you are looking for an attractive way to blend the old and the new, any one of these cocktail dresses is definitely worth checking out. Here at our online boutique, we also have great jewelry to complement your look. It's all about finding a combination that matches your personality and accentuates your look.

Both of our locations have what you need.

Between our great online collection and our in-store items, we have what you need to get the perfect look together. Spring is just around the corner, and this sale is just the kick-start you'll need to get your 2017 style rolling.

Whether you are looking for a cocktail dress or a pair of butterfly earrings, our boutique is just for you. The way you dress is a way to show the world how vibrant and unique your personality is.

The Red Fox doesn't only help you with your look. Here, we work hard to create a culture of bringing out the best in you. Whether that is your romantic side, your arty side, or your mysterious side, we are here to help. Our boutique fills the need in the market for classy and unique products for women. So if you are looking for something vintage, and "you," you know where to go.

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