A Red Fox Bestseller

What is our Best Selling item at The Red Fox? Butterfly & Nature Jewelry! This beautiful jewelry is hand crafted in Utah, is very reasonably priced and helps preserve endangered butterfly and moth populations worldwide. Total score!

All butterflies and moths used to make this jewelry live a full life & are only collected for art/wearables after they naturally pass. 

Preservation Farms help endangered Butterfly and Moth species regenerate in their natural habitat.  Moth and butterfly eggs laid on leaves in the wild are collected and hatched at preservation farms. About five percent of moth and butterfly eggs survive to adulthood in the wild, while about 80% survive to adulthood on preservation farms. The moths & butterflies are then released back into the wild and the cycle repeats.

Moths and butterflies live an average of 2-3 weeks, Monarchs can live up to 6 weeks! Those that pass on before being released back into their native habitat are acquired by our Utah artist and used for our beautiful jewelry collection. All species used by our artist are approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Organization. Your purchase supports preservation and helps save endangered species. 

We are honored to be the only retailer of this fine work in Cache Valley, Utah


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